Discover Concierge holiday home and lodge ownership

In the rugged countryside of the Yorkshire Dales and by the South Cornish coast.

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Experience everything that you'd expect to find in a 5-star hotel

Sit back and relax with our award winning concierge service.

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Enjoy every luxury that Concierge has to offer you

Escape from the hassles of everyday life by enjoying all of the benefits which come with Concierge.

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What is Concierge Ownership?

The flexible way to own a holiday home or lodge.

How does it work?

Select the nights you wish to stay and we'll do the rest.

Where are our parks located?

In the UK's most stunning coastal and rural locations.

Already a Concierge Owner?

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Experience a luxury lifestyle.

Revel in 5-star exclusivity.

Enjoy an award winning adventure.

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own 5-star holiday home or lodge by the beautiful Cornish coast or in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales, but perhaps you only want to use it at certain times throughout the year?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you – welcome to Concierge from Park Leisure, the exclusive and flexible way to own a holiday home or lodge.

Offering you a flexible and accessible alternative to full time holiday home or lodge ownership, Concierge is ideal for those looking for a slice of luxury on selected days and nights throughout the year. As a Concierge Owner you’ll discover an award winning lifestyle which is unparalleled anywhere else; plus you’ll also be able to take advantage of your exclusive concierge service, that you’d expect to receive in a 5-star luxury hotel suite.

Available at three award winning parks.

Nestled in the most desirable locations in the UK, our 5-star holiday parks are the perfect place to enjoy holiday home ownership.

Concierge Ownership offers you the chance to relax, unwind and enjoy making the most of your leisure time. Simply book your holiday home or lodge nights throughout the year on your online booking system.



Enjoy every luxury that the Yorkshire Dales National Park has to offer.

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Par Sands

Discover Par Sands, a 5-star retreat nestled on the South Cornish coast.

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Yorkshire Dales

A beautiful location from which to explore all of the delights of North Yorkshire.

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What is Concierge Ownership?

Enjoy making the most of your all-important leisure time by becoming a Concierge Owner at Park Leisure. As a Concierge Owner you'll own a slice of your holiday home or lodge meaning you can maximise your leisure time and minimise the cost; plus you'll also be able to take advantage of your exclusive concierge service which offers you a service that you'd expect to receive from a 5-star hotel suite.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or a place to enjoy creating new memories with your loved ones, our flexible Concierge ownership option can offer you and your family a 5-star luxury lifestyle, which can’t be found anywhere else.

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Concierge Ownership at Park Leisure

Enjoy all of the benefits available to a full time holiday home owner as well as your exclusive on park concierge service, offering you a luxury hassle-free lifestyle.

Shared costs and fees

You'll only have to pay for your share of the holiday home and fees, which will save you thousands of pounds… and the savings don’t end there. Ask our friendly team for more details.

Generous night allocation throughout the year

You can book your visit to your holiday home or lodge through your personalised online booking system – we’ll even give you a complimentary iPad to make it as easy as possible for you.

Booking your Holiday Home or Lodge

As a Concierge Owner, you’ll receive an annual ‘night entitlement’, where you can enjoy accessible holiday home and lodge ownership time and time again.

All you need to do is book the dates you’d like to visit your holiday home or lodge via the online booking system and we’ll do the rest.

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Free iPad

Concierge Ownership couldn't be easier.

We'll take care of everything, including finding other Concierge Owners to share your holiday home with.

We liaise with all Concierge Owners individually, so you don't have to worry about anything. All you need to do is choose which nights you'd like to visit your holiday home or lodge, then sit back and relax, we’ll do the rest.


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The benefits of becoming a Concierge Owner are endless.

As an exclusive Concierge Owner, our team will get to know you personally to ensure we know exactly how to help you put your feet up.

We will know when to expect you and will ensure your holiday home is all ready for your arrival. Whether that's putting in your fresh linen and towels or unpacking your pre-ordered groceries, you can leave it to us. We want to make your stay with us as seamless as possible so you can enjoy your all-important leisure time.

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Becoming part of the 5-star Park Leisure family

Means creating a new luxury lifestyle for you and your family which can't be found anywhere else. Ask our friendly team for more information.

A fully furnished holiday home or lodge

Complete with all the amenities you'd expect from a 5-star hotel - you don't need to buy any additional furnishings.

Generous night allocation year after year

Select the nights you wish to stay throughout the year and then sit back and relax, as we'll do the rest.

Receiving the same experience as a full time owner

As a Concierge Owner, you can enjoy all the same luxuries as a full time owner, plus you'll also receive an exclusive concierge service.

What else do I receive as a Concierge Owner?

As a Concierge Owner, you will receive a full concierge service, which includes: preparation of the holiday home or lodge with complimentary linen, towels, robes and consumables, a grocery pre-order service, travel arrangement service, reservations for local attractions or restaurants plus much more!

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What do other Concierge Owners say

Concierge Ownership provides the perfect alternative to owning a holiday home whilst still getting a slice of the Park Leisure 5-star luxury lifestyle.

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After two happy years as holiday home owners, we decided to become part of Concierge Ownership. The thought of a share in a beautiful holiday home with all the facilities you could ever think of, plus a concierge service and no maintenance to worry about appealed to us to be not only affordable but also a valuable asset.

Mr and Mrs Dowell, Chantry